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Borboleta is a brand made with a loving devotion, based on the idea of making every single day special by doing small things that would make us and our beloved ones smile.

The story of Borboleta is a lifelong story about friendship, love and happiness. Followed by the headline brand quote „Happy Girls are The Prettiest“, we have learned to measure our success by the size of our Borboleta friends’ smile. Each Borboleta collection tells a story of its own while all stories are created to inspire and encourage the ‘spirit’ of every individual who wears it. Through the transformation of its gold-plated lucky charms, Borboleta jewellery is accompanied with a quote tag from movies, music, art, and literature- quotes that touched and marked our lives.


Up to now, Borboleta has launched seven collections: Classic, Candy, Love Letters, Feather&Wings, Crystal, Silver Edition and Premium Collection. Among the mentioned collections, there are bracelets made of silk thread, crystal, 925 silver, 24ct gold pleated symbols and pendants, while necklaces, bracelets and earrings are mainly made of 925 silver or 14ct and 18ct gold. We are proud of our devoted customers – Kendall Jenner, Paris Hilton, Miroslava Duma, Kate Hudson, Lena Perminova, Camelia Huls, Mija Knezevic, Despina Petric, Caroline Stanbury, Severina, Mirela Foric, Tatjana Dragovic among others.

Borboleta is EU handmade brand, formed in 2012 to become a worldwide recognized brand in a short while, and, today to be found and purchased in some of the best stores as Excelsior Milano, Sugar For Your Closet, Cosi Cosi, Smets, Nicolas Concept Store, Jules&Co to name just a few.