Borboleta jewellery was born in 2012 with a single goal  - to create charming little treasure pieces that will evoke and provide a daily dose of magic to all women who refuse to settle for anything less than butterflies.

 Having that goal in mind, Borboleta has travelled a journey from a caterpillar to the butterfly, from a single thread bracelet to the number of feminine jewellery collections.

Today Borboleta has been recognized as a jewellery brand with character and passion and that little spark of magic is the reason why it is adored by girls and ladies  all over the world.


The first symbol we ever created was 925 Silver 18ct Gold Plated Butterfly on a Red Thread -pure classic.

Simple and sophisticated yet it tells volumes about how important it is to treat ourselves with some extra details. Soon afterwards those details became the core idea and we kept on adding them: the heart – to be reminded of the power of love, the clover – for  luck one needs and to keep it close, the star – for whishes to remain wishes until they come true, the angel – to keep us believing they are here to look  after us.

In the blink of an eye, those classics landed their ways to the wrists and the necks of so many women around the world, among which there are some famous names as beautiful Kendall Jenner, some true fashionistas as Miroslava Duma or Lena Perminova, back to Croatian beauties as Tatjana Dragovic, singer Severina and  other celebrities.


Each Borboleta collection tells a story of its own while all the stories are created to inspire and encourage the character of every individual one who wears it. Our most signature item is 925 Silver and Gold plated symbol on a thread bracelet, the classic which became so widely recognizable that we can proudly say that we developed not only a thread bracelet, but a whole new trend - the THREAND which has been ongoing for eight years now.

Through the transfiguration of its gold-plated lucky charms, Borboleta jewellery has been accompanied by quote lines on its packaging: favourite and beloved lines from films, music, art, literature – significant quotes that touched and somehow marked our beings, our lives.

Wrapped in our special pale rose packaging, the final product is designed with a vision to get women  embraced with devine dreams, to become their magic whisperer and daily reminder that everything is possible.


The echo has been achieved and we have not stopped producing magic since our prime butterfly effect. Our jewellery is our thoughtful answer to how we believe women should treat themselves, each other and their femininity regardless of the age, the culture, the status.We want to celebrate every single phase and your name with grace and class but above all with sense and purpose. You select the symbol that marks your minds and meanings and we choose the solemn promise that Borboleta will never let you settle for anything less than butterflies.