Jewelry Care

Care tips for your jewelry

Your claim/reclaim will not be considered thirty (30) days beyond the purchase date. Neither will in case the purchased product waste condition is due to damage, implied/exerted force or exposure to the treatment defined below.

Silver products are liable to losing their luxurious coating on behalf of oxidation - they tend to turn yellowish or to darken differently intensive - mostly depending on the wearer’s PH factor (skin acidity) or, for example, perfumes, hair spray, body milk, shampoo, beauty creams one uses.

For keeping silver finery, one should definitely avoid keeping ornaments in jewelry boxes where other than silver precious metal or bijout, gold, pearls, corals are kept.

As mentioned before, various cosmetics, sprays, oils and scents could contain chemicals which may harm your silver finery. One should wait for liquid make-up or perfume etc. to get dry on the skin or taint before putting your silver ornaments on.

One should also pay attention to the fact that such a soft precious metal is easily spoiled by scratches or bumps. Never use cleaning devices or water - for keeping your finery in perfect condition always use a piece of dry soft cloth.

You will be fully content and, on our side, we would be highly grateful if you kindly follow the above instructions and wear your silver with suggested care.