Lueur Limited Edition

Landing our magic butterfly into a new glow ( Our magic butterfly landing into a new glow ?)

Lueur Limited Edition Collection is finally here. Through the changes of the shape and appearance of our signature butterfly symbol, we have carefully planned, designed and crafted the special piece of jewellery as the symbol of the transfiguration.

Colorful crystals and stones were placed around the butterfly shape and matched with 925 Silver -18ct plating chains and with matching colors of threads. Countless upgrades followed and eight months later we finally created one of the most special and magic collections of our brand lifetime.

With all the glow and shine across the most beautiful crystal colors, Lueur celebrates everything about you - particularly that sparkle within yourself.

The exclusivity of each piece is the essence of Lueur, the jewel that reaffirms you and your glow, to manage the ultimate and most finely claim how special you or your beloved ones are.