The new campaign of popular jewelery - Borboleta celebrates the enjoyment of daily rituals and all the little things that make the day pleasant; a walk through the city, a good book and a cup of coffee.

Through the editorial inspired by the street fashion Borboleta, girl is highlighted as self-sufficient and unburdened by social frameworks, and in life she will only choose what fulfills her and makes her happy. All these are thoughts of a new jewlerry line Borboleta Bubbles that are made up of small symbols of love and happiness, silver or gold plated butterfly, star and heart on a silk thread or chain. All these symbols have been created to keep the wishes of the person who carries them.

The new line of Borboleta jewelry adds to the existing and well-known collections, both in their visuals and in the materials from which they are made. The most recognizable slogan of Borboleta jewelery says "Happy girls are the prettiest", so this new campaign is a reflection of how beauty is in the little things that make us happy.

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