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The story of Borboleta begins with famous movie quote: 'Frankly my dear I don't give a damn' - Rhet Butler. It was the tag on our first red silk thread with gold plated butterfly bracelet. Soon after, Borboleta presented variety of silk thread colour bracelets with gold plated lucky charms in the shape of star, heart, cross, clover and of course butterfly, each coming with a tag from movies, music, art and literature - qutes that marked our lives.

Borboleta bracelets are made of silk thread, semiprecious stones, gold and gold pleated details. In march of 2013, we presented 'Borboleta Gold Edition' bracelet and necklace, and in September 2013 we made 'Love Letters by Borboleta', collection of bracelets on silk thread with gold plated pendants with letters. Borboleta is a brand made with love and based on idea of making each day special by doing little things that make us and our loved ones smile.

Let us introduce you to a wonderful world of Borboleta where friendship is forever.









Borboleta Classic BraceletsBorboleta Semiprecious Stone BraceletsBorboleta Gold Edition Bracelets & NecklacesBorboleta Candy CollectionBorboleta Silver EditionBorboleta Wish EditionBorboleta 'From B with love' collectionLove Letters by Borboleta Bracelets








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